Skyfall Soars on the Story – Sinks on the Gadgets

I went to see Skyfall this weekend with my wife and daughter.  Apologies for the bad pun, but it was a great “Bonding experience” :)  (I just couldn’t wait to type that…). Usually, we have a hard time agreeing on a movie.  Not this time. We stood in a very long (and cold) line outside to get in to see this latest edition of the Bond series and it was worth every cold shiver. 

Great action for me, kept my 14 year old daughter entertained with a real story, and my wife wasn’t sleeping through it 5 minutes after they turned off the lights. Note, that’s saying something because this is a L-O-N-G Bond movie. I am not sure if it’s the longest, but at 143 minutes I’ll bet it’s in the top 2 or 3. 

I am not to going to spoil it for you, just want to throw in my $.02. Make no mistake, this is one of the great James Bond 007 story lines. There were actual ACTING performances going on in this film.  Not all the campy/funny stuff was gone, but it was still a big step up from previous Bond romps. 

Another great improvement, the story and James Bond were more of a ‘license to kill’ than a ‘license to shill’. Finally, the product placements were at least reeled in a bit so we didn’t end up with a crazy bunch of product advertisements just cluttering up the movie.  I know this is a strange comment from the marketing guy, but really, it got distracting in the past.

I have only one complaint. I am, after all, a gadget guy. In fact, they put a whole scene in the movie just to reiterate there weren’t going to be gadgets. When meeting the new ‘Q’ James gets his new gun and a tracking device/radio.  Bond ‘not exactly Christmas – is it’ .. Q ‘yeah, we really don’t do the exploding pen thing anymore’… sigh…

I strongly recommend the new Bond flick – it was fun. There are some interesting twists and new faces that will make the next Bond films as entertaining as ever. Happy 50th birthday to the Bond series! Well done James.

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