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Thank you!

I want to say thanks to everyone – literally the hundreds of positive messages I received on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and my email account on my new position at Optify.  I truly appreciate the support.  A special thanks to John Cook and the GeekWire guys for running the story yesterday – that was very kind.  In case you missed it, there were two posts:

Tech Moves: Optify hires Doug Wheeler; Starbucks vet joins Auction Edge; and more

Optify Names Marketing Head
Also, to our friend Dawn McCutcheon of Northwest Portraits by Dawn that took a whole new set of excellent executive photos and headshots for me.  
Great start…


Digital Marketing Analytics for B2B Sites

One of the digital metrics you can look at to see how your B2B site is performing and gauge your content is looking at  pageviews per visit.  This measure is easily available by looking at your sites Google Analytics.

Tommy Unger of our Optify team put together a great post on looking at the trends for our B2B sites that are part of our Optify community.

Check out this post on Digital Marketing Analytics.

The New Chief Marketing Officer of Optify

Optify. The Next Chapter!

Before I move on to my big news, I want to say a special Thank You to my TappIn partners Chris Hopen, Parvez Anandam and Andrew Tull. It was a short, but great ride!  Go get those earnout milestones for me guys!!  And, a sincere best regards to the Globalscape team for being some of the most professional and frankly – nice – people you would ever want to be acquired by.  Jim, Craig, Bill, Andrea, Doug, James, Mark, Todd, Johnny, Evy and Ryan – good luck to you all.

So, big news today.  After 25+ years of working for companies that sell to technologists (my friends at TappIn excepted), I have joined Optify,Inc.

Optify is an exciting SaaS company in the high growth inbound marketing and marketing automation segments.  Did you see the Marketo interview on the front page of the Wall Street Journal Tuesday?!  The marketing automation segment is hot.

Our software service provides a simple, easy to use marketing suite to empower today’s resource constrained marketing professionals (i.ethe marketing athlete) within small / medium businesses and the exponentially growing number of digital marketing agencies.

Using Optify, the marketing athlete can manage their online campaigns across multiple channels (e.g. email, adwords, content downloads, name it) while quickly measuring and reporting on results without a complicated setup or ongoing dedicated operations and administration.  This isn’t just nurturing leads you already have. Optify helps you get more leads into the top of the funnel too!

I could have used this solution at least 3 times in the last 10 years – BioPassword, DocuSign and TappIn!  I am so very grateful to have found my ideal job – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of a marketing software company – and incredibly excited to be part of the Optify team.  And, for all you marketing athletes that are trying to do 30 things this week, Optify is and will continue to be focused on helping you!

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