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How to do a technical SEO audit (feel free to use our template)

As a digital marketing agency, are you looking for help on how to create and report on a Technical SEO Audit?  Scott Fasser of Optify is an expert! Here’s his post on ‘how-to’.

One of the first deliverables we work on for a new services client that is focused on inbound marketing is a technical SEO audit. This audit allows us to dig into their website, keyword strategy and metrics in a detailed and significant way in order to understand what controllable issues we can attack right from the get-go to improve website crawl-ability, indexation and performance. Many times, we’ll find four or five issues in this process that turn into specific tasks for the webmaster and/or the marketing person which can have a near immediate impact on organic visibility and traffic.

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Digital Marketing and your competition

Well, it’s time to get back to attracting customers and clobbering your competition in 2013.   Tracking your competition is a smart and important thing to do. Optify allows you to track your competitors’ keyword rankings. You can see where you are winning and where there is room to improve. This will help you develop the right strategy to gain more traffic.

There are four main applications in Optify that you can use to track your competition. These are: Keywords, Pages, Links and Reports. Check out this post

4 Steps to Get a Sneak Peek on What Your Competition is Up To!



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