Cold Calling Sucks. This Will Help

Ok, it’s November 1st.  We are heading into the last 2 months of the 4th Quarter in 2012.  As all you Marketing Athletes out there know, you have until Thanksgiving this month to generate leads and opportunities before the whole world starts thinking about the holiday party, bringing in cookies for the staff and generally fading away into the end of the year. 

Using your inbound marketing software – like Optify – (shameless plug here) the clock is ticking on the leads you are generating in 2012. 

If you have an inside sales or tele-qualifying team, you might have to do some cold calling to supplement your efforts – yeah we all know that it sucks!

However, just getting the conversation started is half the battle.  I ran across this article and wanted to share it with you.

We are all in the home stretch for 2012!  Finish out the year strong and start finishing your planning for 2013.

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