Paid Search for B2B – Dead or just Dying?

I’ve got this really interesting guy I work with at Optify who is Director of Marketing.  He’s an MBA from University of Washington, but interestingly he’s a former soldier and company commander of the Israeli Army – no kidding.  Uri likes data. Lots and lots of data.
One of the most fascinating posts I’ve read in awhile was Uri’s contention that PPC programs were ‘dead or dying’.   Check this out!
As you can imagine, this caused just a bit of controversy among our influencers, prospects and customers.  Perfect!  As a bonus, Search Engine Watch picked up the post as well.  You can see that one at Why Paid Search for B2B Companies is Dead (orDying)
First, great data and observations from Uri.  In fact, when I think about the influence of PPC over the last five years on my marketing programs (in terms of emphasis) it has dropped behind other marketing methods such as content syndication, in-app customer communications, SEO and various forms of social media.  However, due to the cost it has still been high on my program budget.
Is this an overall trend?  Are B2B marketers moving dollars away from Adwords in record numbers?  One observation I believe is worth noting. Part of those 6 months of data included the summer months.  Less searches – dialed down budgets..wonder if it had an impact?
I’ll watch the data and you check out Uri’s missive on PPC.  Let me know what you think!

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