Stand out from your competition by ‘fitting in’ with your clients

Every prospect and client relationship is a little different. However, despite their claims to the contrary you know clients can also be very much the same. Realize when a client is shopping for a vendor YOU can look the same too!

When a prospect interviews you for your business, how do you stand out from your competition? Show them how you fit in! Understand their process and how to incorporate your services and REPORTING into their environment.

1. It’s about THEIR brand

I would venture almost every client will ask you for examples of your reports or how you will demonstrate results. This might sound obvious to some but really – use their brand in your reports and communications…even the examples. After 25 years and countless interviews with agencies, you might be stunned at the number of vendors who didn’t get this one.

They are proposing to use your team to accomplish marketing tasks, programs and reporting as an extension of their team. The temptation will be to spend time and energy on how to move your brand into the organization – including splattering your logo all over the reports and analytics and converting all the reports to PDFs to preserve your brand.

In most cases, your work will need to be integrated into their reporting structure, so it is considerably more helpful to put THEIR brand on the reports. At the very beginning ask for the prospects company presentation or just copy the logo off their website to start. Upload their logo and show them how you can give them branded reports. Optify can do this for you.

It’s ok. Your ability to win and move a client from a project to a longer-term retainer isn’t based on someone seeing your logo. It’s about providing content value and results – becoming indispensable to the marketing teams planning and execution.

Right from the first day, and first meeting demonstrate how your service will integrate well and fit in. This brings me to point 2.

2. The data and reports should help explain the clients whole-marketing story


Remember, your data needs context.

One of my favorite sci-fi series is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. There’s a part of the story where the universe most important people all gather around a computer known as Deep Thought as it delivered the long awaited (7.5 million years) answer to life, the universe and everything. They were confused to learn it was “42”. Unfortunately, they then realized that it was going to take approximately 10 million years for a new system to deliver “the Ultimate Question”..bummer ☺

There are a number of important lessons here, but for our purposes – remember, it doesn’t help to just deliver the answer. Don’t forget to understand and deliver an answer that brings clarity to the client’s whole marketing story. Every client must understand the information they’ve been provided and how it fits in to their overall strategy. As you look to deliver value, the data, analytics and reports should have context and explanations.

Tell the prospect upfront that you will work with them on fully understanding their marketing plan. This is especially important when balancing the strategy and expense, timing and return-on-investment (ROI) of inbound marketing, establishing important keywords and investing in Adwords (PPC) or email. As you know, not every program generates results all at once and clients must understand how to consistently show the achievement of short-term and long-term goals with their programs. Show them examples of ‘how’ you’ve provided this value to other clients.

By integrating the client’s brand into your reports and understanding how your results fit and then demonstrating the value of your results as a whole, you and your team will stand out from the crowd.

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