Auction Services

I started working at the Windy Knoll Auction in Danville, IN at 14. My uncle had started the auction and furniture store and after my first sale I was hooked. Working as a ringman and bidspotter through high school, I picked up on chanting and eventually developed my own calling style.

Over the last 25+ years I have donated my services to many schools, charities and churches engaging crowds from 50-1500 raising over $100,000 for good causes along the way.

Today, I continue to donate my time as an auctioneer, master of ceremonies, ringman, bidspotter and/or consultant.¬†Most recently, I have raised money here in the Northwest for various Eastlake High School sports programs, Samantha Smith Elementary, the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and Seattle Children’s Hospital (ringman & bidspotter).

If you have a good cause and I have time in my calendar, I will do my best to help you with your auction or just be there to support your efforts (99% of the time it’s your first auction and you were not in the room when they volunteered you? I get it!¬†). Or, if you need help contacting a professional auction service, I know or have worked with many of the local auctioneers including April Brown, Stokes Auction and John Curley.

Whatever you decide, please read my posts on Auctions – they can help! Got questions? Contact me via my LinkedIn profile.

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