Marketing Consulting

I am a senior executive leader with 25+ years of proven marketing strategy and execution skills honed in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), mobile app and on-premise business-to-business and business-to-consumer technology solutions in large public and smaller private companies.

Throughout my career, I have consistently driven high-technology businesses to greater shareholder value through operational turnarounds, growth strategies, and the ability to conceptualize, communicate and execute a corporate and product vision which empowers management teams and engages the attention of shareholders, press, analysts, employees, prospects and customers.

I am ideally suited as a marketing leader in growth oriented technology companies for which performance, creativity, energy, critical thinking, technical knowledge and an acute business sense are requirements for success.

Marketing Consulting Specialties: Successful experience in Freemium, SaaS, Mobile, Installed Software and Hardware models * Market Strategy, Positioning, and Planning * Corp Communications: Brand, PR/AR, Advertising, Sponsorships, Social Media * Web-based Marketing: Mobile App Stores, Freemium, SEO, PPC, Linking * Direct Marketing: Email, Events, Telemarketing * Channel/Partner Marketing and Development * Product Strategy, Planning, Positioning, Packaging & PricingĀ * Inside Sales Mgmt * Building Great Marketing and Sales Teams!

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